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Where form and function come together, making Bain racing products and engines not only look good, but perform as well. 

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Manifold Development

All Bain Racing manifolds are purpose built for the engine they will go on. All aspects are analyzed and simulated to optimize the end result.

Custom Fuel Tanks

We have designed hundreds of tanks over the years and also have factory and upgraded tanks from some OEM cars. for more information.

Race Engine Development

With full engine and camshaft analysis. Bain Racing can Design and build an engine to suit your needs.

We also offer a engine specs analysis for all the home engine builders that enjoy the process of the build, but don’t quite understand all the dynamics behind it. 

Some of the services we offer

Head Analysis

We offer a full Analysis of cylinder head and can recommend the right head for your combination.

Camshaft optimization

We use simulation software to test different camshaft lifts, duration, LSA and more, how different discharge coefficients effect optimum Cam timing and how different X-sectional areas effect peak Horse power and the VE curve.

Turbo Analysis

We can Analysis your build before you even buy a single part, this is some we have been collecting data on for many years and have have done for many customers/racers around Australia. We Recommend Minimum Turbo Size, dump pipe ID, Intercooler Header plate area for targeted pressure drop, A/R ratios, engine Comp, Camshaft specs , TB size , Waste gate size and minimal Primary runner length as well as all Min Diameters of pipe work throughout the build.

Port Development

We have developed a lot of cylinder heads over the years and have worked with race shops and racers to develop a head to suit their needs, We also have nearly 20 years of Data and Have developed calculations as to how much power gains can be had even with Boosted engines. Gains in the area of 10% are common with most OEM based heads, with gains around our Boost threshold points and with more power at the same boost. On serious 1000HP turbo 6 Cylinder engines, 80 -110HP are common gains.

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