At Bain Racing we now make it even easier to make Horse power!

After 25+ years of building, testing and collecting data, Bain Racing now offers Engine analysis, Cam analysis or full system analysis to help you get you combo right the first time,. The answers to making HP have always come down to the physics of the build, people either get it right or miss the mark totally. I cant count how many times we have seen a good combination let down by the wrong fuel system, poor cam choice, poor manifold choice or injector size or carby choice, the list goes on and on.


It all starts at the first step which is the parts choice, which 90% of the time is recommended by the part salesman which is usually more interested in selling you what they have then recommending the right parts. All too often in our early days days we would have customers turn up with a boot full of parts that really shouldn't have been for the same build. Everything need to work in harmony, the wrong heads, as well as an exhaust being way over size or undersize or just on the totally wrong wave length will kill your power goals. Or even just some of the finer details missed like mapping lift to the cylinder head and piston velocity and flow figures which also  changes relative to little things like rod length. 


So for the last 8-10 years we have been helping racers all over the planet fine tune their setups. Coming from a race engine back ground and being forced to develop our our fuel systems, camshafts and cylinder heads as well as our own custom intakes. we have gained a unique insight to how all these elements effect each other, as the are all part of our total mechanical restriction factor that sets our volumetric efficiency (VE's).  On top of that we have developed our own calculations as well as using a few of the most advised engine Intake and camshaft analyzers software on the market. 

With our engine analysis program we can help you choose the right parts and estimate results within 3-5% before you waste a single dollar. 

This has been a great service for our home builders and machinist that are very meticulous as far as the building side goes, but would like the engine to deliver better results. 

With our Camshaft analysis we can help you fine tune that NA or boosted setup. It doesn't matter if its a 3000hp Por-charged engine or a 200HP NA 1.2 litre. We can help you get the results you need much faster and save you time and money. We also can design custom profiles and recommend a manufacture or even supply the cams needed for you engine. 

With our setup analysis we can tell you what your fuel flow requirements are needed, what line size is needed or what size exhaust is required, right down to the Hz frequency of the exhaust pulse. this will help in designing your headers as well as the rest of the exhaust system. even things like  what size turbo or supercharger and what Intercooler would be best. 

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About Us


 Owner At Bain Racing Jake Bain was born and bred into the motorsport industry, its in his blood. A 3rd generation Bain following in the legendary foots steps of his grandfather Don Bain. A name that was synonymous with winning in the early days of GP and TT motorcycle racing. 

As far back as the 1920's the Bain's have been knee deep in the industry, with a passion for all things fast and a love for anything that gets the blood pumping, Jake's fate was clearly set. 

From age 11 he build his first motor bike engine and raced it and from here the passion for all things mechanical was set in stone. Unfortunately is wasn't an easy road for Jake as at 15 he lost his father. but he was determined to find his own way. 

Jake made it a point of studying almost everything and building almost anything. While Jake also loved to race like his father and grandfather, he's real passion is in the creation and the science and in 1999 Bain racing was born. 

Our Services


- Complete Egnine Analysis 

- Complete camshaft Analysis

- Custom intakes 

- custom fuel systems for CAM's

- 2D and 3D drafting

- Race engine development

- Race cylinder head packages

- Data analysis systems

- Alloy fabrication 

- ADR approved fuel tanks.