BAIN RACING Calculators 
for Bain Racing members

We have an array of calculators to help you make horsepower and choose the right parts to compliment your build. 

Go through the lists and see what works for you. 

Here are some conversion and basic capacity calculators to get you warmed up..

Horsepower to Kilowatt, CC to Cubic Inches,Cubic Capacity for metric and Cubic Capacity for Imperial. Then there's Torque@ RPM, VE Calculator and a HP calculator if you know the torque and RPM. 

We Have a few pages of different calculators so to make it easrier you can click on any highlighted word and it will take you to the page for that calculator. 

Here is a list of what we have so far. 

CFM to Ibs/min of Air

Horsepower vs Pounds of air

Horsepower to pressure ratio

Mean piston speed