Racing Fuel tanks are not just a box to hold fuel. They need to be designed for your vehicles specific set-up and needs, whether it is for a 3000hp top alcohol boat or even the weekend track car, every tank is individually crafted at Bain Racing.


Design and position is everything. At Bain Racing the design and efficiency is key, which is why we spend the time working out our customer’s needs and the requirements for the tank.


All our tanks are manufactured to the highest standards and are all hand crafted from lightweight aluminium and are shaped to fit perfectly. With the majority of our tanks being constructed out of a minimum of 3mm Alloy, as well as being constructed to a + or – 1mm tolerance.  We are also known to have a renowned reputation of "smick welding" well so we are told. All of this attention to detail will provide a perfect fit and a durable tank that can last thru the rugged world or motor racing or even your street duty daily driver.


At Bain Racing we do not create replacement tanks, we design tanks that are stronger and more efficient, which eliminates problems that would occur with your standard factory tank and as always we provide a quality and handcrafted tank. We also make tanks thinner and lighter at the customer’s request, the only limitation is your imagination.